Shine on me Sunshine, Walk with me World, it’s a skip-a-dee-do-dah-day! 

I’m the hap-pi-est Pup in the whole USA!!

                                Why?   Why?   Why am I so happy, you ask?

Because Pretty’s coming to Texas to see me!    That’s right.  You heard the  Breaking News here first – at long last, Pretty’s gonna be in the House on Worsham Street this weekend and even the old woman Slow has a spring to her usually pathetic step.    Sing it, Sister Tanya Tucker.   It’s a skip-a-dee-do-dah-day!!

Oh, Pretty, I’ll be on my Very Best Behavior while you’re here, if only you’ll give me lots of your Pretty Pets.   The Red Man loves him some Pretty Pets.   Spoilitis, as you are fond of saying.

I’m counting the hours now…