So the Peeps have done it again and there’s Joy in Mudville tonight not because the Mighty Casey has struck out but because the old woman Slow and Pretty can now serve as the Out Lesbians they are in the US of A military services.   I say sign ’em up and ship ’em out.   Personally I think a little military time might do them both some good.   Make ’em butch, why don’t you.   Sometimes I think they give lesbians a bad name.   Seriously, they really can’t do anything around the house or in the yard or even on a grill so what kind of lesbians are they anyway?   The only tool they have is a hammer to hang pictures.

Of course if we sent them off to boot camp, where would that leave moi?   Hmmm….not to worry…they’re both too OLD for Uncle Sam to Want Them, if you catch my drift.   Pretty has to turn the TV up so loud I can barely sleep since she can’t hear worth a damn and then you’ve got Slow with her pathetic eyes.   Geez Louise.   That’s a scary thought.   I’d hate to think our national security depended on those teary red messed-up vision from cataract surgery shingles- infested eyes.  

But, I guess the main point seems to be that IF they were young again and WANTED to serve their country in uniforms, they COULD without telling  lies about who they are and that’s a Big Deal.   The Red Man stands on the side of equal rights for All Peeps and Pups in the military around the globe.   So I’m howling tonight for all my Amigos who celebrate justice for all – we party.  

DADT – Don’t Bother – It’s Over.   Enjoy the Victory.   It’s been a struggle, but change always is.