Zippity-do-dah zippity-ay my oh my what a wonderful day!   Plenty of sunshine headin’ my way – zippity-do-dah zippity-ay!   Mr. Bluebird blah blah blah.   You get the idea.   Fab Friday in Texas.   No more smoke and less than 100 degrees with a few white clouds scattered around a perfect blue sky.   What more could you ask for?   What’s that you say – a little excitement por favor which is Spanish for please?   You got it, Amigos.   The old woman Slow saddled up the Dodge Dakota and The Red Man and Smokey Lonesome Ollie jumped in to go for a ride.  

Destination determined to be Ta-Daaaa:  West Montgomery County Park.   Let me outta this truck, Percy – The Red Man’s ready for a Rumble!

Well, clearly Central Park it ain’t and I doubt Jane Fonda and Robert Redford would be interested in going Barefoot in This Park, but you take what you can get and keep your expectations low.   All I can say is it’s just like most everything else is in Texas.   Big – and wide open.   The Big Guy and me are flyin’ low.

Ok, I see Slow is walking the perimeter of these two football fields so this must be her sad efforts at exercise on this beautiful day.    You go, Slow – huff and puff to your heart’s content, but me and Ollie are ready to go.   We’ve explored every square inch of this fenced-in athletic compound and are ready to GO!


Hey, Old Woman – Speed It Up!!!   We are WAITING for you!!   I need a drink of water!!


The old woman finally made it back to the gate and we had some nice fresh water waiting for us to lap furiously as she poured.   Ahhhh…BarePaws in the Park…a great way to start the weekend.   And speaking of weekends, hope all my Sports Fans enjoy theirs and that your favorite football teams win big except if you’re playing the Horns or the Cocks.   Go Cocks and Hook ‘Em Horns!!