So, I was in the back yard this morning being segregated unfairly while I waited for the old woman Slow to finish walking Smokey Lonesome Ollie who always gets to go FIRST on our walks these days for some reason known only to the daffy old twit when I saw Slow turning around in our gravel driveway and dragging Smokey Lonesome back through the front yard gate and closing it behind her.   And then, I saw the two big Dawgs through the picket fence and I recognized them right away.   The Bad Ass Neighbors from the house on the corner of Worsham and Rankin Streets were loose and headed directly to our house!!   Shit house mouse.

That Chocolate Lab is one mean SOB, and the Black Lab goes along with him for the ol’ Double Whammy Threat…oh this is so perfect…the old woman is chasing them over into the yard next door.   You Go, Slow – you’re the best!!  That’s right – show ’em who’s BOSS!!


Oh, yeah – the old woman’s got ’em on the run now.   Keep after them, Slow – don’t stop!!   They’re KILLERS!!


Well, maybe not KILLERS exactly.   Of course, any DAWG can look innocent when they’re tired and thirsty.   All right, all right.   So I may have overreacted.   But remember I have a nose scar from an earlier encounter with these Bad Ass neighbors so pardon  moi for barking.  

Hi, ho, hi, ho – the Dawgs go merrily home and Slow alerts the Peep in their house about the fence being torn down in the front yard and the Peep tells her the escape route will be blocked immediately if not sooner.   All’s well that ends well, as I like to say, and I am happy to report the Bad Ass Neighbor is once again confined to his yard and the pandemonium of the morning has been replaced by the tranquility of the evening.   Hooray!

Worsham Street rests easily tonight.   I hope all of my Sports Fans do the same.