Yikes!   I feel like I’m watching No Country For Old Men only it’s really No Country For Granny Selma!    Where in the world is Granny Selma going??   And how did she manage to get paroled after only four years??  Or, is she planning on making a break for it??  

 Slow came home from her visit to Granny Selma at the Big House in Houston this afternoon with the Dodge Dakota loaded with Granny Selma’s clothes and a bunch of stuffed animals that goofball Smokey Lonesome Ollie thought were our babies so he snagged one right off the bat.   Of course, I recognized them as the little furry mementos Slow had sent Granny Selma from South Carolina to cheer her up while she’s been in the Lockup for the past four years.   Wow – can you believe it?   Time flies when you’re sending stuffed animals, doesn’t it?   Heh, heh.   My little joke for the night.

Christmas presents, of course.   Even a singing Santa.   God knows what he sang.   Nice touch – the pup with the red stocking.   Love the ears, Stuffed Pup.   They’re working for you.

Easter Bunny with a pastel football.  Why not?  Who says the Resurrection wasn’t in shades of pink and green?   Why quibble over details?   If that football is supposed to be an Easter Egg, it bombed.

And a Valentine Frog.   Perfect.   Well, SOMEONE lacks imagination but give her credit for trying with this stuff.   And evidently Granny Selma went along with it because here the little buggers are on Worsham Street in Purgatory waiting for their new home which I understand is in the works for next week.    That is, unless the big guy chews them up before then.

I can tell you GS will be missing some threads since Slow tossed almost ALL of her clothes into three big trash bags and put them in the Herbie Curbie.   I heard her mumbling something about how she couldn’t even take these clothes to a Peep Shelter in the atrocious condition they were in with all those stains and I have to say I agreed with her on that plus I wasn’t too fond of the smell either.   I couldn’t quite place it, but it made me very nervous.   It was like ammonia mixed with lilac bathroom spray and that wasn’t a good combination, if you catch my drift.   Thank God Slow had the good common sense to leave all of these things OUTSIDE in the patio so we didn’t have the Mystery Odor follow us into the house.

So, that’s how things are in the “Hood tonight and I’ll keep you posted when Granny Selma makes her break.   But, tomorrow starts the weekend and we’ll hope all of our Amigos have a great one!   Stay tuned…