TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!   TGTBT!!!   Where is Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson of the LAPD every afternoon?   On our favorite channel TNT as The Closer solving crimes and forcing jaded criminals to confess, thank you very much!   Oh the joy and happiness of our random discovery of our FAVORITE actress Kyra Sedgwick cracking cases in Los Angeles where they must have the most horrible people in the world because I’m not talking ’bout LITTLE CRIMES but MAJOR CASES and I’m talking new crimes on a DAILY basis.   Sweet.

Just look at that face.   So sincere.   So determined to seek justice.   So incredibly HOT!


Sergeant Gabriel and Lieutenant Provenza , you guys are Super Cool and The Red Man likes you and the other members of the Major Case Unit, but hey let’s face it Brenda Leigh is The Ticket.    


I confess, I confess, I CONFESS!   I’ve always been a sucker for hot lips…thank YOU very much, Brenda Leigh, for having some of the HOTTEST lips I’ve ever seen.   The Red Man nominates you for CHIEF!!