Well I never.   Looks like the old woman Slow is heading to pick up Granny Selma from the Big House in Houston tomorrow morning and whisk her away to some other destination which I hear through the grapevine is closer to us.   Mystery solved.   Cracked the case, as we like to say on Law and Order re-runs.    Thanks to all of you who were worried that Granny Selma had gone on to The Unbroken Circle in the Sky By and By and sent condolences.   My apologies for the mixed signals.   Granny Selma lives, and Slow survives with her so Good News and God bless us every one.

This week has been a nightmare for The Red Man.   I’ve had a visit to the Texas Vet, a visit to the Texas Groomer and a LONG DAY with Slow in the Dodge Dakota with Smokey Lonesome Ollie yesterday while we drove endlessly around  back roads going to don’t you just know where?   To see Cemeteries and Cousins.   Dear God, how many Cemeteries are there REALLY within driving distance and how many Cousins does the old woman have??!!   I’ve lost count of both.

She actually LIKES roaming around looking at HEADSTONES.   Are you kidding me?   We’ve come a long way Baby when cemeteries are her idea of a good time.   Sweet Jesus.

Get me outta here, Percy – I gotta find some FOOTBALL tomorrow while the old woman is gone.   Good luck, Granny Selma – The Red Man is pulling for you and hoping you like your new digs…whatever you do, stay away from the cemeteries.   I’m just sayin’.