Hello out there in cyberspace, Sports Fans and here’s a Shout Out from The Red Man to all you Gamecock and Longhorn aficionados which is Spanish for fans.   How do you spell DISASTER for you Football Fanatics in the Gamecock and Burnt Orange Nations?

Weep Bitter Tears, Cocks – our Primo Peep Player a/k/a Marcus Lattimore is out for the season with a torn ACL.   Say it ain’t so, Red Man.   PLEASE say it ain’t so.   Horror of all Horrors, could the dreaded Chicken Curse be at work again in Carolina Land?  This is how The Red Man spells D- I-S-A-S-T-E-R.   I fear the worst and wish Marcus the best.   What will the Old Bald Coach do to save the day for the Cocks?   He’d better conjure up a new offense during this bye week or it may be Goodbye to the Gamecocks this season.   Shit house mouse.

And to all of you sad Longhorn Sports Fans including the old woman Slow, the Red Man feels your pain.   It’s not enough to be humiliated by two Oklahoma teams in one season.    That was already a D-I-A-S-T-E-R.   Now you’re going to be deprived of your annual Aggie game which is like the BIGGEST game in the whole state of Texas because the Aggies are headed to the SEC to play with the Cocks.   I mean, it’s a Football World Gone Mad.   No Longhorn – Aggie matchup?   Tsk. Tsk.   Adding the Aggies to the SEC was like adding the Hogs from Arkansas all those years ago pre- Red Man.   We’d better be thinking of a new name for the SEC.   Maybe something like SESWC.   Southeastern Southwestern Conference.   Southeastern, Southwestern, let any school come over.

It’s not easy being a bi-stateual during football season.   Particularly on a weekend when both states suffer tragic losses.   Lattimore and the Longhorns – Hook ’em Chicken Curse!

Get me outta here, Percy!    Hope all my Sports Fans recover and have a great week…stay tuned.