Remember the line from Notting Hill when Alec Baldwin asks Julia Roberts if his spontaneous visit is a Good Surprise or a Bad Surprise?   Well, that’s one of the old woman Slow and Pretty’s favorite movies and I’ve watched it with them so many times I know all the lines.  Good Surprise or Bad Surprise?    Good Surprise – Pretty’s on the way to see us tomorrow!!   Roll out the red carpet, old woman – we’re having Pretty in the House!!

I should have recognized the signs last week. Slow has a haircut at the WalMart on Tuesday.   Cleaning ladies in Worsham Street on Thursday.    Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Yours Truly at the groomers on Friday.   Yard mowed yesterday by City Councilman Ex-Neighbor Jon.   We are all getting spiffied up for a Pretty Visit!   I for one am ready for some Pretty Pets right this very minute but I guess I’ll have to wait until tomorrow night…

Hurry to the ‘Hood, Pretty – The Red Man is counting down the hours tonight.   Smokey Lonesome Ollie would count, too, but he was dubious when I told him you were coming.   Oh him of little faith.   But he’ll think it’s the Best Surprise Ever when he sees you tomorrow night.   And Slow?   She’ll be a wreck all day tomorrow until you get here, let me tell you, so for God’s sake, travel safe, ok?

Adios, Sports Fans in cyberspace, hope all of you have a good surprise tomorrow wherever you are!  The Red Man is sending good vibes tonight!