Well, Pretty’s here and we were so excited to see her last night!  Smokey Lonesome Ollie and I ran and ran and ran around in the front yard when we saw her!   We were beside ourselves, let me tell you!   And this morning off Pretty went with the old woman Slow and  one of the Little Women of Worsham Street and I think they must have gone on one of those shopping excursions that Pretty loves because they came home late this afternoon with a bag full of BOOKS!   Nothing Pretty is more fond of  than a bag full of BOOKS

Pretty and Slow were evidently ultra exhausted from the day’s activities because they sat  on the front porch in their rocking chairs and rocked and talked while Smokey Lonesome Ollie and I rocked the  ‘Hood with our barks and running up and down the fence on patrol for the dreaded C-A-T-S.   They are everywhere and we must be ever vigilant but we succeeded in keeping them out of our territory for one more day.  You’re welcome Pretty and Slow.   No problemo (which is Spanish for no worries).

All went great until Pretty asked Slow to bring out Mr. Scarecrow and Raggedy Ann to sit on the porch swing for the Fall Season.   You know, our life-size stuffed decorations for Halloween and Thanksgiving.   Unfortunately, Mr. Scarecrow still had on his Santa Claus costume which he wore for the Christmas season last year and Pretty and Slow struggled to get the costume off and propped him in the swing next to Raggedy Ann who looks a little too Christmasy au natural in her red checked dress and bright red ringlets.   Unfortunately, Slow casually left the Santa costume in a heap at her feet between the rockers.  And that was the beginning of the end.

That crazy Smokey Lonesome Ollie thought the fuzzy red Santa costume was one of our Play Babies and picked up the biggest piece of it and took off running down the front steps into the yard and of course I saw the Peeps jump up to retrieve it so I added my two cents’ worth to try to help the cause.   What a Dunce.   Shit house mouse.   Deliver me from his ignorance.


Don’t worry, Pretty, The Red Man to the rescue and Mr. Scarecrow’s Santa costume will be safe.   If somebody can just STOP ME RIGHT NOW!   I’m digging the Santa threads myself Big Guy!!

All’s well that ends well, as I always say, and the Santa costume was rescued and placed in  a closet safely away from any more mishaps prior to the holiday season, thank God.   As for me, I think I’ll go steal a few more Pretty Pets before I drift off to Dreamland.   Actually, all my dreams have come true anyway today since Pretty is in the House.