…when there’s no one round to love?   Sigh.   We miss you, Pretty.

I sense the winds of change in our midst in the ‘Hood.   Granny Selma has new digs with no lockdown and she’s doing pretty good with her freedom.  No amber alerts so far.    The old woman Slow went to see her today and said Granny Selma seemed in good spirits even though she is clueless as to time and place and Peeps and Pups around her but she was enjoying a tasty Halloween cookie so what’s wrong with that?

Aunt Nicey-Nice is doing much better, also and likes her new apartment in Beaumont which is a good thing since that’s where she’s moved.  Slow called her today and they made plans for a visit this week.    So all in all, the environment in The Lone Start State has moved in a positive direction over the last few weeks and I believe I see North and East in our near future!

So get  ready, Pretty – we’ve been a long time gone but we’re getting ready to leave the Worsham Street Gang and head your way.   Save a little moonlight for us and tell Paw Licker Annie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea that The Red Man and Smokey Lonesome Ollie are dusting off the Dodge Dakota for a big trip next week.

Adios, Amigos and thanks for hanging around with us.   Gather up your courage for an awesome week!