You know I’m BADThe Red Man is the BADDEST DOG on the internet!   They Call Me Mister Red, if you don’t mind.

And of course,  greatness brings responsibility for the Lesser Ones.   This is my buddy Smokey Lonesome Ollie who is a King of the Lesser Ones.   Yessiree, the Big Guy is a Follower in need of a Leader.   A gentle Sheep in search of a Shepherd and so on.   You get the idea.

Being a Leader is Hard Work, as a former Peep President reminded us frequently.   Sometimes the Followers have a mind of their own.

When all else fails, head for the hacienda which is Spanish for home.  

Adios, Amigos and stay tuned.   New developments on the Granny Selma front.   She was in the doctor’s office today for a checkup and the doctor told the nurse to call 911 to bring an ambulance to take GS to the hospital somewhere.   Dear God, you know it ain’t right when a doctor calls 911, don’t you?   Anyway, she must be doing ok because the old woman Slow FINALLY came home tonight.   The Red Man always sends good thoughts to Granny Selma and forgives her for calling him Ned or Ted.   She ain’t right, either, but we love her anyway.