Oh yeah Amigos, looks like we’ll be in town for the Annual Halloween Block Party at the Curve on Worsham Street Halloween night complete with hot dogs, candy and a hay ride around the block.   What more could the Peeps ask for?   Hmm…now what can I add to the evening’s festivities?   Let me think about it over the weekend and ask Goodtimebuddy Badger across the street.  He’s a great one to develop a disruptive strategy with me.   Maybe even drag Botox and Brinkley and Buddy along with us, too.  Of course, Smokey Lonesome Ollie will do whatever I tell him to do. 

What does that Insurance Peep call himself on the TV commercials?   MAYHEM, that’s what it is.   Well, Brothers and Sisters, I think we’ll stir up a little MAYHEM for the “Hood Halloween Happenings!

The Pups Party, too!!   BARK ON!!!

Lest we forget, it’s a Football Weekend and the Cocks and Longhorns are in some Big Games so Go Cocks and Hook ‘Em Horns!!   Hope all of my Sports Fans enjoy their teams this weekend, but if you’re playing my guys, I’m pulling against you so get me outta here Percy before I stir up some MAYHEM on a Football Eve!