Greetings, Amigos in cyberspace and pardon my apparent confusion over what I’m supposed to be celebrating next.   I’ve just barely recovered from the Halloween Banishment to the Back Yard while the Peeps Partied in the Front Yard only to awaken to the sounds of Christmas carols in the TV commercials!   Shit house mouse.   Am I dreaming or have we fast forwarded to the future holiday at warp speed?

Clearly, the pathetic old woman Slow is in the same place because she has a Halloween slash Thanksgiving slash Autumn slash General All Purpose Scarecrow sitting in the swing on the front porch with a Christmas Raggedy Ann Doll practically sitting in his lap.   Rude.   Lewd.   Confused.   I rest my case.   I choose to ignore them totally.

I distrust anything that smiles continually.   Nobody is THAT happy.   Of course, Smokey Lonesome Ollie finds them fascinating and stares at them from his lookout spot in the yard.   He probably thinks they’re real.   Duh.

Whatever.   At any rate, we appear to be Seasonally Challenged at our house on Worsham Street and in that awkward phase between Boo! and O, Come All Ye Faithful.   I leave it to the Peeps to ponder and sort out with their usual blundering around.   We are all disappointed to not be with Pretty and Paw Licker Annie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea this week.   The best laid plans, etc…oh well, another time, Pretty.   Sigh.

One more look at our conflicted front porch swing.   Adios, Sports Fans for today.   Stay tuned…