Well, Sports Fans, I am reeling and twirling tonight with the Penn State Perversions unfolding minute by minute on ESPN which is my trusted source for sports-related high drama.   Shit house mouse.   The Red Man is horrified by mistreatment of the Little Peeps by the Grownup Peeps in Power Positions in a Prominent Place like Penn State.   Joe Paterno, coaching Legend in His Own Time – fired.   Dishonorable discharge.  You will no longer be known as the Peep with the most wins nor will you be remembered for your good deeds.   As  the old woman Slow likes to quote Abraham Lincoln whenever she wants to impress Pretty with one of  her famous sayings she memorized in the seventh grade, “The evil that men do lives after them.  The good is oft interred with their bones.”   You’re like the Place Kicker in your football games, Joe.  You’re either the Hero or the Goat, and popularity fades as often as the wind changes its course to blow the pigskin inside or outside the goal posts, if you catch my drift.

Here in the ‘Hood our melodrama doesn’t make the news, but we do have the usual Granny Selma High Drama with Slow chasing around thither and yon every day to doctors and the new GS digs and on and on.   Yesterday she saddled up the old Dodge Dakota and took off for Beaumont to see Aunt Nicey-Nice who is recovering splendidly from her medical issues, thank God.   Chalk one up for the Medicine Men and the Saint Elizabeth Hospital over there.

Slow and her aunt evidently had a fabulous lunch at a Mexican Restaurant in Beaumont which suited the old woman of course since she’s a Mexican food aficionada which is Spanish for fan.   Coors must be a Mexican food fan, too.

Hooray for good food and adult beverages in any language and down with Sickness in whatever form it takes!   The Red Man howls to a full Texas moon this night and looks for a silver lining always for his Amigos.

Get me outta here Percy!