Ok, the old woman Slow started messing with her pill collection tonight and one solitary suitcase is lying open on the Grandparents’ Antique Bed so The Red Man knows there’s a trip in the air.   Not the usual scurrying around getting the Worsham Street house ready for a Mass Exodus, though, so I have used my Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson detective skills and deduced some of us are not leaving.

Paw snaps Paw SNAPS Paw SNAPS!!  Hey, Pretty, if you’re looking for a stranger, I think there’s one coming home to you!!  


Yep, it’s the old woman Slow headed home to Pretty and Paw Licker Annie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea without The Red Man and Smokey Lonesome Ollie if you can believe it.   What in the world will Pretty say when she sees Slow without moi?   And what will Slow do without The Red Man in South Carolina?   Oh, woe is me.   I will fret and fret until she gets back, but one thing  I know for sure is she’ll be back in a week because she’s only taking one week’s worth of pills.   Dead Giveaway.

Of course The Red Man will be IN CHARGE of the ‘Hood while Slow slips away.   I’ll have a lot to do taking care of the Little Women and Smokey Lonesome Ollie and protecting the house from the dreaded C-A-T-S.   Oh, yes.   Don’t you worry about me, Sports Fans.   As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find a few places to piss on in the house while Slow’s gone.   Back at you, old woman, for leaving without me.   Bitter, party of one.