Well, well, well…so the old woman Slow is living it up in South Carolina with Pretty and my SISTAHS.   She sent me a couple of pictures depicting the level of excitement on Canterbury Road tonight and I have to say the Girls haven’t changed much.   You Go, Girls!!

Let’s see now.   Paw Licker Annie is resting on her usual bed on the floor and I see she once again has on her Helmet Hood  which is used by the Peeps to keep her from licking herself to death.   Yes, I recognize that poze and would have to say the Old Girl looks much the same but Slow says Annie’s not quite on her A-Game any more and seems to have lost a step or two since she last laid eyes on her.   That would be Pot calling Kettle Black, if you catch my drift.

 Rumor has it Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea continues her OCD with bright yellow tennis balls and her ongoing fixation on FOOD.   Is it just my imagination… running away with me… or has the Black Lab Sistah put on a few pounds in my absence?   You see what I mean?   The Red Man keeps the GIRLS on the GO when he’s around but they tend to be a tad sedentary when left to their own amusement.    Next time I’m on Canterbury Road maybe they’ll Show Me Some Love! 

I hope Pretty accepts Second Best being there without me tonight.   Save my spot on the king-sized bed, Pretty.   You know I’d be there if circumstances allowed.   Trust me on that one.   I’m stuck in Texas with Smokey Lonesome Ollie who personifies Dull.   Thank God for the Little Women of Worsham Street who try to rescue me from myself whenever they can!!

Get me outta here Percy, I’m a Dog on the Edge and I won’t be responsible for what directions I move  in so adios, Sports Fans and stay tuned.