Hey Sports Fans in cyber space – what a weekend for Peep Football Fanatics in the “Hood!   History-making events!

The old woman Slow’s Texas Horns Hooked the Aggies with a last-second field goal to win 27-25 in the Lone Star State’s version of the Super Bowl.   So many Aggies…not enough time.   And this game will have to last until something like 2019 because Texas A & M is going to the Southeastern Conference for some unknown reason and their schedules won’t allow them to kick the oblong pigskin against each other for many years.   As a matter of fact, who knows who’ll be around to watch it by then?   I’m just sayin’…

But the BIG WIN for The Red Man was the Mighty Gamecocks beating the Clemson Tigers tonight in the Palmetto State’s version of the Super Bowl!   Final score 34-13 and after the game the ESPN  TV lady asked the Old Bald Coach who got the game ball.   He said he thought he’d keep this one for himself since the Cocks had only beaten Clemson three times in a row twice in 109 years.   Good point, Peep Coach.   The Red Man couldn’t agree more.   And the last time we had 10 wins was 1984 when Joe Morrison was the Coach –  so take that ball and run with it.  Oh, yeah, one more thing.   I wouldn’t mind a Bowl win this year, if you catch my drift.   Greedy, party of one.

Go Cocks and get me outta here, Percy – I’ve got some woo-hooing to do!  The Red Man Howls at the moon tonight!!