Well, well, well.   Lots of stirring around yesterday and today.   Looks like we’re having company this week because the old woman Slow is in her cleaning house mode which is an infrequent activity for her and always signals visitors.   I know it isn’t Pretty since Pretty is working very hard at the Mast General Store helping the Peeps buy presents  and it can’t be Auntie Em because Auntie Em just moved to Charleston and has started a new job there.   Boo hoo.   Adios, Emmy Lou.   Hope you enjoy salt water as much as you did chlorinated water in your own personal deluxe swimming pool every day of the year including snow days.   You ain’t right, and now you’re gone.   The Red Man will visit you when he returns to South Carolina, whenever the planets align themselves for that again.   I swear I’ve been in Texas so long my paws need cowboy boots.   Heh, heh.  My little joke for the night.

So Who is coming to see us??   I’m on pins and needles with anticipation!!

I’m almost as excited as I was last night for the 100th Episode of The Closer…dear Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson, you are my dream girl.   I want you, I need you, I love you!!   Be still, my beating heart.   That Fritzie is one more lucky man.   The Red Man should be a Stunt Guy Stand-In for you in the love scenes.   Hint to improve the show:  Ditch the pussy.   Add a Pup.   I’m just sayin’.

Get me outta here, Percy – it’s almost a full moon and my nerves are frazzled.   Hey Whoever is coming to visit.   Better dress warm.   We’ve got Ole Man Winter blowing around down here in Texas.