Whoosh – what was that Whirlwind blowing through the ‘Hood this week besides a blue norther that made the weather so cold we had to drip all the faucets one night to keep them from freezing in our old house on Worsham Street??   Whoosh – we DID have a visitor from South Carolina, but it wasn’t Pretty…the surprise was Auntie L from Charleston!    I LOVE me some Auntie L and we had the BEST visit you can imagine.  And Brothers and Sisters, you should have seen how Auntie L had the old woman Slow moving in High Gear for a few days, but now Whoosh!   Turn out the lights, the party’s over.   Auntie L packed her duds and jumped in her red rented Crown Victoria Police Car and Whoosh!   Off she went to fly back to South Carolina.   Shit house mouse.   I already miss her.

And what did she do while she was here?   Rode around and took a tour of some back roads in the old Dodge Dakota pickup truck with Slow.   That must have been a Pleasure Ride for sure.   In my opinion, if you’ve seen one cow pasture, you’ve seen ’em all.   Slow, on the other hand, thinks it’s great to wander around on some obscure country road to see what wonders she can behold.   As if.   Oh, yes, I understand they went to the cemetery in Richards where I had the minor run-in with the big black bull last year about this time.   Slow thinks in her own misguided mind that everyone loves a cemetery visit as much as she does.  Woo Hoo – can anyone spell Loser?   L-O-S-E-R.

Of course they went to see Granny Selma, who is as old as Dirt and still kicking but not very high.   Auntie L hadn’t ever seen Granny S before and thought she was pretty.   Too bad she didn’t catch her before she got Lost in Space.   Poor Granny Selma.   She ain’t right.

The Little Women of Worsham Street partied with us, too, and out came the Big Girl whiskey bottles from the liquor cabinet so the cocktails flowed, food was plentiful for once, Scrabble games were commingled with cash prizes and the merriment lasted until way past Slow’s usual bedtime for a couple of nights in a row.   She’ll probably collapse any minute now.

Well, that’s it for the week’s wrap-up.   It’s pretty quiet in the ‘Hood tonight.   The halls are decked with more than boughs of holly.   The Little Women have decorated with great gusto for Christmas this year, and it looks like Disneyland on the Street.   Take a drive on Worsham if you’re in Montgomery.   We’re festive!

So, Sports Fans, The Red Man hopes you have a care-free weekend and enjoy every minute.  Paw Licker Annie and moi are re-grouping.   Who knows what tomorrow will bring?   I smell delicious cookies baking somewhere in the distance.   I’m thinking it might be time for the Annual Christmas Cookie Walk tomorrow.   Sweet Dreams…