The judging is final, and the winners of the annual City of Montgomery Outdoor Lighting Contest have been announced tonight at the gathering in the Cedar Brake Park Pavilion.  Ta Dahhhhhhhhh….may I have the envelope, please??  Thank you so much.

First Place goes to none other than one of the Little Women who lives across from us on  Worsham Street in a stunning upset from prior years’ winners on the north side of Highway 105, one of my favorite runaway destinations.   Yessiree, Worsham Street is the Happening Place to be if you’re in the mood for Holiday Lighting, Amigos.   If you don’t believe it, come and see for yourself.  These Peeps party.

P.S. The one in the middle is the Little Woman who won – the others are well-wishers.

Yep, the annual Holiday Lighting Awards kick off the official Awards Season with the Golden Globes soon to follow and then the Oscars after that so I like to think the City of Montgomery is one paw ahead of the Pack.  Be that as it may, hope your weekend is festive and your lights burning bright tonight wherever you are, but Pop a  Cork with us – We Have a Winner on Worsham Street tonight!