The old woman Slow is home tonight and I have to say I was glad to see her stagger in with her suitcase and assorted electronic devices because I was afraid she might get lost and never come back.   Wonder of wonders, here she is safe and relatively sound on Worsham Street to ring out 2011 and bring in 2012 with Paw Licker Annie and moi.

Geez Louise.   I can’t believe it’s almost New Year’s Eve.

Hmmm…let’s see what I had to bark about last year on New Year’s Eve…time travel backwards…December 31, 2010…

Well, sports fans, if digital clocks ticked, they would be ticking the final moments of the first decade of a new millenium.   A sign of Peep Progress to have clocks that don’t tick – tock any more.   The minutes silently glide through cable tvs, cell phones, personal computers and other wireless devices and you have to be quick to see a moment go by.  That’s what I’m talkin’ about.  Quick, quick, quick.   Moments on digital clocks are like shooting stars in the sky.   You thought you saw a puddy tat, but maybe you didn’t.

Regardless of whether you hear it or see it, time marches on.   Yessirree.   Time marches on.   Ring out the old – ring in the new.   That’s right, I said Ring in the New.  Ring it, and bring it on.   Bring it, I say, with your Big Bad Ol’ Father Time Self.   Ring it and bring it.   I’m ready for me a New Year and whatever you got going on for moi.   The Red Man loves a start-over.   Wipe that dilapidated slate clean, and give it another whirl.   Who knows what might happen in a New Year???

That’s why I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions.   I know, I know.   The Peeps love a good New Year’s Resolution.   For example, I hate to name names, but Slow has been making New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight for as long as I’ve been on this earth.  How’s that working out for you, you old twit?   I’m not feeling it, are you?   Heh, heh.   Poor old thing with her sweet tooth – makes those Resolutions tough on about January 2nd.!   Oh, well.   Let her have her donuts one more year.

So, instead of Resolutions, why don’t we just make a Wish? I think a Wish is a lot more fun than a Resolution. Wish? Resolution? Wishes just sound easier somehow. You know what I mean. Hmmm…let’s see. I think I’ll WISH for all the Pups in the Kingdom to have a good home like mine with Pretty and Slow. God knows they aren’t perfect, but they take good care of all of us, and I am adored by one and all, which is, of course, the most important quality for a good Peep home. Adoration is a must! For all of the Pups in lonely places wherever you are, I WISH that the New Year brings you a Home with Hope. I guess I WISH the same for Peeps, too, while I’m wishing.

Here’s some more Wishes while I’m at it.   I WISH  Annie would stop licking her right paw so that it wouldn’t look like a wound from The Great War all the time.   I just don’t get it, but I know it ain’t right.   I WISH  Chelsea would give up her tennis ball obsession in the New Year.   That big black blob of a Lab lumbers around with a yellow tennis ball in her mouth slobbering all over the place.   What a pair of neurotics!!   Dear God, maybe their obsessions are somehow connected.   I never even thought of that until right this minute.   Maybe I should WISH for behavior modification therapy for both of my sisters, and I say that with love in my heart.

That leaves Ollie.   Mr. Smokey Lonesome I’m a Pet-A-Holic himself.   Geez Louise.   Could he be any duller?   I WISH that the New Year might possibly bring him a personality to go with his one blue eye and one brown eye.   I swear he was more interesting when he jumped fences at the Old Place.   So, here’s WISHING that he gets a life.

Oh, yes, I’ll add a WISH for Slow and Pretty.   May all your troubles be tiny ones, and may you love each other as much as I love a treat…yummy.

Give it your best shot, Father Time.  The Red Man looks forward to meeting you again when the sun rises and the fireworks start!

Blink, Blink and it’s gone – fast forward time travel to tonight and paw snaps!   2011 is in the history column and 2012 is on the radar screen for a kickstart tomorrow and I’m thinking my Wishes are the same tonight as they were last December.   Yep.  My overall World Wishes are the same for Pups and Peeps everywhere and Hope and Grand Ideas like that will always be The Red Man’s Priority Wishes.   But, on the home front, I’m thinking I might need to go back to Resolutions since Wishes aren’t working that well for la familia which is Spanish for family.  Slow keeps eating donuts, Annie still licks her paws, Chelsea can’t resist tennis balls to this day and Ollie couldn’t be duller if he tried.   You see the problems.

Thankfully, my wish for Slow and Pretty comes true every year.   They love each other as much as The Red Man loves a treat which is Big Love for sure.

And that, Sports Fans, is my final wish for you all in the New Year – Big Love and tiny troubles…stay tuned in 2012!