Hey, can anybody say field goal kicker here tonight??   Ok, so he missed a couple…but he made FIVE and if it wasn’t for a total collapse of the LSU defense in the last few minutes of the game, he would’ve been  the ONLY player to score for the Crimson Tide in the Championship Game.   The Red Man votes for # 90 Shelley for MVPeep in the game and awards the Game Ball to the Bama Defense for shutting out the Tigers who appear to have taken some kind of Apathy Medications before the game.   Shit house mouse.   I saw more Pep from the Cheerleaders than I saw on the LSU sidelines except of course from that Mad Hatter coach of theirs.

Does this Coach Peep look happy to you?   Hmmm…no, definitely not.

And so, Sports Fans, we can all relax our collegiate rivalries and put away our tailgate supplies for another year.   We have a new National Champion and for the fifth year running the NC is from the SEC.  Gosh, if all the SEC teams could just take turns being NC’s, the Gamecocks would get to win one for the Old Bald Coach.   Is there a Suggestion Box for NC’s?

BTW, is Brent MushBurger as old as Aunt Sweetie Pie and Granny Selma?   He and the old woman Slow are the only ones who even remember the Ancient One Bear Bryant when he was ALIVE and coaching the Crimson Tide.   I had to do a Paw Snap tonight when Brent said Nick Saban would make Alabama Peep Fans forget Bear Bryant.   Not likely.    Peeps cling to their Ghost Coaches from long ago and far away times.   Look at Slow and Darrell Royal.

At any rate, I’m about Footballed Out for the night and will rest up for the Pro Playoffs this weekend.   Some day I may go to therapy to discover why I love to watch these huge men in tight uniforms fighting to the death over an oblong pigskin, but not tonight.   Get me outta here, Percy – it’s a full moon and Worsham Street seems to be on the brink of excitement tomorrow!   I wonder what’s up?