Oh, for God’s sake…the old woman Slow finally broke down and told me and Paw Licker Annie what was going on.   You know she loves to keep a SECRET when she can but The Red Man uses his psychic powers at all times and knew something was blowing in the wind on Worsham Street this week and sure enough, I was right.   Turns out Pretty was supposed to fly in to see us last night!   Yessiree, yessiree, yessiree.   Pretty had a few days off from the General Store this week and she and Slow had cooked up a surprise for moi and Paw Licker Annie.   That’s the good news.   The BAD news is that Pretty got sick with a very bad cold  and wasn’t able to fly down to see us.   Shit house mouse.   We needed a Pretty Fix because she always makes us feel better than we normally do.

We have been so bored lately with our visits to the West Montgomery County Park.   Me and PLA  sniffed and sniffed and tried to find some entertainment but alas, we haven’t escaped in recent days.   We’re under strict surveillance by the old woman.

Oh, Pretty, The Red Man misses you so much and longs for you to be with us in Texas and wishes he could be with you when you’re sick.   In sickness and in health – isn’t that what the Peeps say when they’re making their vows about Forever Love?   I guess they didn’t figure in the cost of plane tickets when you have to cancel and re-book but don’t you worry, Pretty.   We’ll be together soon.   I promise.

In the meantime, I’ll just roam through the Park with Paw Licker Annie.   Yearning to breathe free like the Statue of Liberty Lady says.    BTW,  we’ve kept our Christmas lights burning bright for a long time this year but I’m afraid they’re coming down in the next day or two.   I have to say I’ll miss them, particularly those little reindeer and trees all lit up in the front yard.   I’ve pissed on them for weeks.

Thanks for dropping in tonight, Sports Fans.   Hope your week has no disappointments…