Well, now that the dust has settled from the Golden Globes Sunday night,  I’ve got to say I wasn’t that impressed.   Ho hum, Ricky Gervais.   I just don’t get that Peep.  I try to think he’s a funny guy, but it’s hard for me.   And evidently, it’s hard for him, too.   The audience was restless and didn’t pay any attention to him or  the presenters who were struggling to be entertaining.   Pathetic for the most part, but of course every Awards Night has some moments that sparkle.

The old woman Slow loved seeing Morgan Freeman, Sidney Poitier and Helen Mirren on the same stage together.   She was feverishly texting Pretty in South Carolina during the show and then they talked on the phone after it was over.   Honestly, they make me sick with all that texting and telephoning.   Shit house mouse.  What would they do without their cell phones?

As for The Red Man, I could care less about who gets the Globes golden or otherwise, but I have to admit I enjoy seeing the Hotties in their evening gowns and being smiley-smiley for the cameras.   Oh yeah, Baby, we’re talking Some Like It Hot…

Cate Winslet is a heart-stopper and the Material Girl Madonna has Sexy written all over her.   Tina Fey and Jane Lynch together?!     Now there’s a movie waiting to be made if I could ever produce one.

Jessica Lange and Glenn Close are Very Hot, but the HOTTEST of them all was Salma Hayek.   Sweet Jesus.   I wonder how she feels about Welsh terriers.   I swear I’d leave Slow and Pretty for just one night of pets with that brown-haired bombshell.   Take a memo, please.   My Peeps will call Your Peeps, Ms. Hayek.

Okay, so for the sake of full disclosure, let’s add Two Picks for the old woman Slow.   Meryl Streep  would probably be her first one, and Jane Fonda would be the second.   Yep, I know.   Slow goes for the older women, and Jane Fonda is in that category, if you catch my drift,  and a little iffy for me, but Meryl Streep I’ll go along with.

Well, Sports Fans, these are The Red Man’s Golden Globes Glitzy Glamor Girls and I say thanks to them all  for some sweet dreams but now it’s Adios and good luck and God bless you everyone until we meet again.   The moving finger writes, and having writ, moves on.

We’ve moved on to the Australian Open Big Time Tennis Tournament and are Down Under as they like to say.  Get me outta here Percy, Nadal is playing tonight.