Well, I never.   Paw Licker Annie was the Queen Bee who got to go to the Big Airport to meet Pretty two nights ago and The Red Man was confined to quarters at the home base.   Hrumph.  Shit house mouse.   One of the Little Women of Worsham Street had to drive the old woman Slow in the Dodge Dakota to the Big Airport because Pretty came in at night and of course Slow can’t see worth a damn to drive at night.   Not that she’s all that great during the day, I might add, but whatever.

I love Pretty.

But, who gets to give Pretty the very first Welcome Kisses??   Paw Licker Annie who would be voted Least Likely to Succeed if we had a contest around here.   Lick, lick, lick.   That’s all she ever does and yet she gets to go on all the trips.    Sweet Jesus.   There is no justice in this world.   You can quote me on that.

Yesterday Pretty and Slow and Paw Licker Annie went to see Aunt Sweetie Pie in Beaumont and once again, moi was left on Worsham Street.   My feelings could probably be hurt but Pretty gave me the best pets ever this trip so I forgave her for not carrying me with them.   Actually, I wouldn’t have had a place to sit because the whole truck bed and back seat were FULL of furniture and other things they brought home with them – things that had belonged to Slow’s grandmother Ma.   Aunt Sweetie Pie’s daughter refers to the items as MAbilia.   Get it?  Like Memorabilia – only MAbilia.   Heh, heh.   My little joke for the night courtesy of Cuz.

At any rate, Slow and Pretty were dragging by the time they drove home to Worsham Street late yesterday afternoon.  Evidently, they’d gone through a MONSOON on the trip and the orange tarp didn’t completely cover the stuff so they had to hurry up and unload everything and dry it with towels.   I have to give the girls Paw Snaps for being able to lift the iron headboard and baseboard.  Those sure must’ve been heavy.  They made a real production out of carrying them.  I’ve never heard such groaning and moaning as when they brought them through the back gate and set them on the porch.

Tick, tock.  Things have come to a pretty pass, as Aunt Sweetie Pie said when she watched her treasures leaving on the Dodge Dakota with Slow and Pretty and Paw Licker Annie and I have to say she’ s right on so many levels including the sad news that Pretty has passed through like a hurricane and once again gone back to South Carolina.   It seems like only yesterday that she came…oh, it practically was only yesterday.   And now she’s gone.

Woe is me.   I am undone.

But The Red Man can’t leave his Sports Fans and Amigos on a Debbie Downer note so he’ll show you a sign at an Antique Mall in Sour Lake where Pretty stopped – surprise surprise – on the trip to Beaumont yesterday, according to Paw Licker Annie who never lies between licks.

Get me outta here, Percy…please don’t let the IRS eyeball me!