Yes, but how many in DOG YEARS?    Heh, heh.  Sounds like a question for my editor the old woman Slow.

She said CCCXXII.   Smart ass.  Only a True Nerd knows Roman numerals that high.   Bite me.

The American Peeps know how to do Spectacles, as my Dutch friend points out, and tonight was one of the best ones The Red Man remembers.    I guess if you have enough chances, you begin to figure out what works.   Start the show with good-looking Country Singers like Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert and get them to sing America the Beautiful.  Everyone in the entire stadium sings along and gets all teary-eyed, as Peeps like to do at a spectacle.    Next have Kelly Clarkson from American Idol sing The Star-Spangled Banner and tell the football players to mumble the words while they stand on the sidelines before the game in case the TV cameras are watching them instead of Kelly Clarkson.   Hint to TV cameraPeep; focus on Tom Brady, the Patriots QB.  He’s the only one who knows all the words.

For Half Time bring in the truly Big Guns, Madonna and more Madonna with bands, drummer corps, choirs, dancers in outlandish costumes, other singers and more Madonna.   Add lights and smoke and fireworks and Paw Snaps – you have an American Spectacle of the first order!

Oh, yeah and in between all the music and lights and hoopla we had us a helluva football game, Sports Fans.   It was mighty C-L-O-S-E.   How close was it?   It all came down to one of those Hail Mary Passes the Peeps love to throw in a Pinch. 

Mary was unmoved by the Patriots and the New York Giants won.   Eli Manning, little brother of Peyton and son of an Archie, was MVPeep.

Coach Coughlin who is the oldest coach in the NFL and the same age as Slow and who was on his way out the door earlier this season was the Hero Coach tonight.   Score one for the Ancient Peeps.

So another Super Bowl hits the record books and we are only four away from number L.   I heard Slow tell Pretty on the phone tonight that she’d seen them all.   Dubious honor.

Madonna…Eli Manning…Madonna…Eli Manning…hmmmm…The Red Man’s MVP goes to Madonna!

Have a Super Week, Amigos!