OMG, the old woman Slow is on her high horse today about Ellen DeGeneres and JC Penney and the 40,000 rounded to the nearest one million moms who want JCP to fire Ellen as their spokesperson because she’s a LESBIAN.   Shit house mouse.   Slow is one Pissed Off Old Lesbian and decided to do one of her outrageous acts and everyday rebellions she’s so fond of.   Thank you, Gloria Steinem.

Slow passes a new JCP store every time she drives over to see Granny Selma who’s as old as dirt and not with the program any more.   God love her, as Granny S was famous for saying when she WAS with the program.    The store is in the shopping center at the intersection of Hwy 3083 and Interstate 45 in Conroe so it was easy for Slow to stop by there on her way home this afternoon from her Granny S visit.

The daffy old twit decided to go in and buy a pair of socks like Ellen said on her television show she was planning to do out there in a Hollywood store and Slow loves Ellen and socks and was ready to make a STATEMENT, if you catch my drift.

She told the young woman of color who checked her out that she hadn’t been in a Penney’s store since the 1970s and wouldn’t have been to this one if it weren’t for Ellen’s being their spokesperson.   The young woman smiled and said she hadn’t even been born in the 70s and she didn’t understand what the fuss was all about anyway and that made Slow happy and hopeful for the future of the children of the 40,000 one million moms.   Maybe they wouldn’t care if Ellen liked JCP and was married to Portia.

At any rate, Slow brought home a bunch of new things to Worsham Street including a lamp for the living room, a new warm blanket for our bed and two little rugs that don’t work too good anywhere she puts them.  Oh yeah, and six pairs of socks.

Take that, one million moms.  Never mess with Ellen because when you mess with her, you’re messing with Slow and Pretty and The Red Man’s peace of mind.   That ain’t right on so many levels.

Get me outta here, Percy…I need to give my new blanket a try.   Catch you later, Sports Fans – snuggle under your own blanket and try to stay warm tonight so you’ll be ready for the weekend!