So Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and The Red Man sends lots of wet kisses to the hot bitches out there who need some PUPPY LOVE on the Saint’s Day.    Oh, Yeah.   We got it going on in the ‘Hood across Worsham Street from our house.   Check out the Texas Hearts and Lights from our Christmas First Place Winner.  That Little Woman keeps the lights on for the Street and we’re sending her a Special Greeting from The Red Man.   The old woman Slow should follow her example but she hasn’t even finished taking our Christmas lights down yet.   Shit house mouse.

Oh, well.   Don’t rain on my parade of LOVE tonight…I’m feelin’ it for all of my Amigos and Sports Fans and Fab Followers.   You deserve the Best and we’re sending it to you in cyberspace tonight!



From Deep in the Heart of Texas…our house to yours…Happy Valentine’s Day!!