A hundred and thirty-six years of these Dog Shows and THIS is what wins?

Nothing personal, Dude, but you look more like a M-O-P  than a D-O-G.   Seriously,  this little legless ball of fur beat out these studs and bitches and I’m throwing the BULLSHIT FLAG on this year’s contest.

He beat Rin Tin Tin, for God’s sake.   I know that ain’t right.

Next year I’m boycotting.  No More Dog Shows.  Occupy Worsham Street.   Shout it out:   AKC, AKC – Bite me, Bite me – We’ll Be Free!   Heh, heh.   I can see the protest signs already.

Protests exhaust me.

Get me outta here, Percy.   The Red Man needs to let off some steam and  howl at the moon tonight…after his nap.