So, it’s just another day in the ‘Hood as we say down here in Texas and the old woman Slow took me and Paw Licker Annie with her to go visit Granny Selma who is as old as dirt and definitely living in another world these days.   For real.   As the World Turns has new meaning when it comes to Granny S who can turn on a dime in her own mind.   Paw Snaps!   Once again, The Red Man should have been a doctor.   Or a poet.   Turns on a dime…in her own mind….quite a nice rhyme.   Somebody Stop Me!

Highway 105 is the road we take to drive to Willis where Granny S resides and we never lack for entertainment from our fellow travelers.   For example, consider the bikers from Cut ‘N Shoot which is a small town east of Conroe, our county seat.   Why would you name a whole town Cut ‘N Shoot?   The mind races like the Harley Davidsons.

But good to know they have their own Chapter of Bikers in Cut ‘N Shoot, Texas.

By far my winner of today’s unique sightings on Hwy 105 was this white pickup truck in front of us.

Alrighty then.   I totally get this – and do.   No worries.

Granny S, I love you and all like that, but I’m staying home tomorrow when the Dodge Dakota rolls out of the driveway.   Paw Licker Annie is welcome to ride if she wants to, but The Red Man has seen enough this week, if you catch my drift.   Sweet Jesus.

BTW, thanks to all  you Sports Fans who agreed with The Red Man about the incorrect selection for Best in Show at Westminster this week and apologies to all of you who loved the Peke Pick.   In my dreams I secretly wish I could have entered when I looked like this Welsh terrier who won his breed.   Sigh.   Did I ever look like this??   Maybe in my next life.

I coulda been a contendah…Fear This.