Big excitement at Casa de Canterbury since it’s the Oscars Night and Pretty and the old woman Slow LOVE the Oscars every year.   When we lived at the old home place in Spring Valley, they threw a Big P-A-R-T-Y with decorations and good food and lots of adult beverages and Pretty always made ballots everyone filled out before the program started and gave prizes to the winners if anybody could LAST through the whole show since it’s always on a school night and that was back in the days when all the Peeps worked.   Now Pretty and Slow have to depend on the kindess of strangers (or friends) to throw the soiree since everybody would have to sit in each other’s laps if they came to our house.   Just as well.   I was placed in quarantine anyway during the parties.   Yep, locked away.   The Red Man has no fond memories of Oscar nights.

But…we were so focused on the Westminster Kennel Club show this year that we MISSED the First Annual Golden Collar Awards on February 13th.   What’s that you say?   The First Annual Doggie Awards and I Missed Them??!!   Shit house mouse.

The crystal encrusted collar for Best Dog in a Film went to Uggie, the Jack Russell Terrier in The Artist.

Seriously, Dude, I covet the Tux Collar.

Two things about Uggie’s Big Win.   Number one, we keep it in the terrier family.   Number two, he’s almost as old as moi and about to retire.   Let’s hear it for my Guy – my new movie idol Uggie.

When you got it, flaunt it, Little Man.   You’re the Top Dog in the Movies and The Red Man sends you his best Paw Snaps!!

We’ll see how the rest of your Peeps do tonight at the Oscars, ok?   Should be a gay-la affair.  Heh, heh.   My little homosexual humor for the night.

Adios, Amigos, hope all your favorites win  Oscars and your new week gets off to a good start.   Whatever you do, don’t vote with the old woman Slow tonight.   She always loses.   Better stick with Pretty’s Picks.   She’s got the inside track on the movies.