Big Night at The Oscars last night!!   Pretty and the old woman Slow were thoughtful enough to leave the TV on for us at Casa de Canterbury while they waltzed off to a party to watch the Hollywood extravaganza with friends.

Could it be that the Doggie Awards will be the new Predictor for the Oscars??   No more Golden Globes – no more SAGS – just watch the Doggies.   Hahaha.  You heard it from The Red Man first, Sports Fans.

Congrats to my new movie idol Uggie for the Best Picture Award for The Artist.   The Peeps tried to thank themselves but I can assure you that picture would have totally fallen on its ass if it hadn’t been for you, Uggie.   You’re the best, Dude.   Seriously.   You so rock.

And speaking of Rocks, here’s another favorite of mine…Chris.   I can’t help myself.   I love that guy.

We’ve got sympatico, if you catch my drift.   We’re both a little on the raunchy side.   I’m not so sure about the Little Richard look for The Oscars, but whatever.    At least you weren’t standing funny with one of your legs exposed.

Meryl, the Presenter.

Meryl, the Best Actress Winner.

So, I have to report that Slow WON the Oscar balloting at the party last night.   This was a BIG NIGHT for the poor old thing.   She has never beaten Pretty at ANYTHING and Pretty lost first place by one vote and the deciding vote was for Best Actress.   Pretty and Slow both LOVE Meryl Streep, but Pretty went with Viola Davis from The Help.    Ding Ding Ding!   Slow had the good fortune to vote for Meryl in The Iron Lady and that pushed her into the winner’s circle.   It was a Meryl night.

So,  the pomp and circumstance of the Oscars are behind us one more year, and it wasn’t a roaring success according to Slow and Pretty but they always enjoy them anyway.   Slow came home complaining they didn’t have Matt Dillon on with the other Dead Peeps that make her cry every year.   She kept saying to Pretty that James Arness played in a lot of B movies before he was the Sheriff in Dodge City, but evidently nobody remembered except her.   Blah, blah, blah.

I cried for Elizabeth,  The Queen.

Who could ever forget her in Lassie Come Home?