Yesterday was a Banner Day for us at Casa de Canterbury – Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Paw Licker Annie and moi made a visit to see our favorite Peep Groomer Mary at the Fluff ‘N Puff Poodle Parlor.   Zippity-do-dah!!   I hadn’t been for a Day of Beauty at Mary’s since last July so I have to say she and her sister Sarah were thrilled to see The Red Man running through the door.   Yessirree, I was so excited that I ran and threw myself in one of the many crates against the right wall before Mary said, “Red, you know you don’t go over there with the other dogs.”  Silly me.  I had forgotten I have a Special Crate on the Opposite Side of the room from the other lesser pups.   Thank you, Miss Mary, for reminding me.   Hmmm…I wonder if she still has my Special Towel she throws over my Special Crate like the ones you see on TV over the bird cages?   Save me from myself, Mary.

And where was Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea during our Beautification Program?   Well, she doesn’t ever go with us because she’s a Lab and Labs don’t get a bath except when they jump in a neighbor’s water feature or pond or The North Sea.   But, Chelsea had her own fun time walking with Luke Skywalker a/k/a Kate Dogwalker from Away Home, our dog walkers of choice on any day.   We love Kate and she loves us.   Just ask her when you see her.

Pretty came to pick us up in the Dodge Dakota and we got home just as Kate and Chelsea were coming home from their walk.   Of course, the old woman Slow had her camera ready to capture the excitement.   She truly needs to get a life.

So Chelsea and moi stood guard at the front door waiting for Pretty to bring in Annie and Ollie.  Please note tennis ball next to Chelsea.   She NEVER makes a move without a yellow ball by her warm side.   Shit house mouse.   Give it a rest, for God’s sake.

So you see the problem The Red Man faces in a Land of Big Dogs.   I must be wearing my Invisibility Cloak.  Where in the world is the most handsome dog?    Once you’re in the middle of these two, you’re Lost.

Well, Amigos, another weekend rolls around and another week Bites the Dust.   If you mingle with the Big Dogs this weekend, try to maintain your visibility.   Easier said than done.  Good luck!