Yeah, that’s right.  It’s the water bowls for the Pack and The Red Man’s food bowl next to them.   HELL-OOHH out there in cyberspace?!   What’s wrong with this picture?!  

Notice the Absolut and tonic and soda and assorted other Adult Beverages including the unopened bottle of Merlot on the bottom shelf next to the water bowls.   Ok.  The old woman Slow NEVER shares the good stuff.   Nosirree, it’s always your typical bullshit about Oh no, Red you can’t have a sip of my cocktail because alcohol KILLS dogs just like chocolate KILLS dogs.   Seriously?   If chocolate KILLED dogs, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea would have been dead YEARS ago.   She’s sneaked around and found BAGS of chocolate candy from Pretty’s General Store and eaten every bite without missing a beat.   She doesn’t know the meaning of the word SHARE, either.

Does this look like a dog who’s headed for the Great Gettin’ Up Yonder??   I’m just sayin.’    So if chocolate doesn’t kill, I’m bettin’ alcohol doesn’t and I’m wondering why The Red Man is excluded from a nip or two with Slow.  Of course, Pretty never touches the stash because she’s practically a Tee-Totaler except for an occasional frozen Margarita when she’s feeling festive and frisky.   Slow, on the other hand, still enjoys a beer or cocktail after a hard day of doing nothing which could be any day, if you catch my drift.   Lordy, Lordy, that old gal can waste some time.   And NAP.   Dear God, she must’ve invented that word.  Think Siesta in Spanish.   Then think LONG in English.

In the midst of the Hubbub that surrounds Chow Time at Casa de Canterbuy, Pretty remains focused on work on her computer…I love Pretty.

And Paw Licker Annie manages to find a quiet place to lick her paw.   Whatever.

The Red Man’s leading a Liquor Revolt tonight – Free Cocktails for Welch Terror Terriers – and LOTS OF IT!!   It’s St. Paddy’s Day Weekend so Party Hearty, Sports Fans!!   But remember to save a Shamrock for the one you love, or if you don’t happen to love anybody else at the moment just send it to the Gang at Casa de Canterbury…we’ll be straight and sober.   Well, looks like sober for sure.   Straight?   Not so much.   Heh, heh.   My little homosexual humor for a Friday Eve.   Get me outta here, Percy…