So, the day started out fairly well as Mondays go.   The old woman Slow took me for a ride in the Dodge Dakota and we went to see Pretty at the Mast General Store.   It was my first visit to the store if you can believe that and I found it full of tempting sights and smells.   Yessiree, just chock full of fun things to sniff and see.   I’m wondering why Pretty hasn’t taken me here before.  Seems like she’s worked at the Mast for a LONG time.   Oh, well.  I’ll try not to take it personally.   Hey, has anyone seen the Candy Department?

But the biggest surprise for The Red Man was meeting one of my very own Peep Sports Fans who works with Pretty at the General Store.   Zippity-do-dah – zippity-de-ay.  My, oh my, what a wonderful day…now this is a Peep with a fabulous smile to complement her impeccable judge of character!

This is a Sistah with the Correct Attitude, if you catch my drift, and we formed a mutual admiration society right there in the basement of the General Store in front of God and Everybody while Pretty and Slow ate lunch together.   But, no time to waste.  Slow was on a mission with many errands so we said goodbye to Pretty and the Peep who loves me and walked outside to the pickup to head back to Casa de Canterbury.   I did manage to leave my calling card in the courtyard behind the store when we left.

Just a little remembrance in the event I don’t make it back anytime soon.   I had a good time and would’ve enjoyed a longer visit, but alas, I’m at the mercy of the old woman Slow who appears to be acting very suspiciously.

Meanwhile, back at the casa, I began to put the pieces of the puzzle together.   Slow was packing her pills, a sure sign of a change in venue for the bi-stateuals.   Wonder who’s going to Texas??

Will catch up with you later, Amigos, and will keep you posted on the travel drama.   Thanks for staying tuned and keep your gas tanks filled because every minute you put off refueling the price goes up another nickel a gallon.   Highway robbery.   Ka-ching.  Ka-ching.   What’s that sound you hear?   Another commodities hedge fund manager making a mint.   Get me outta here Percy…now how did I ever get off on that…