Dear Slow,

Thank you so much for the miniscule role you played in my safe return to Casa de Canterbury  over the weekend.   BTW, the College Co-ed Peeps who called you after they got your number on my tags were Very Hot and Oohed and Aahed over me when they saw how PITIFUL I was flying down the middle of Gervais Street darting in and out of Heavy Traffic!   LOL.   I was Free, Baby and a Doggie on the Edge.

Of course, Pretty was mad at me when I made my Great Escape, but it really wasn’t my fault.   Those Aunties from North Carolina were a little too trusting when they opened the front door to go out to their car to get their party clothes and I guess the Devil gotta hold of me and you know how FAST I am so Sister, I was out that door like greased lightning and off and RUNNING.   Now you see me…

Now you don’t.

So I ran through the briars and I ran through the brambles and I ran through the bushes where the rabbits wouldn’t go, etc.   Actually, I ran all the way down Canterbury and hauled ass across Westminster to Gervais Street and that’s when the College Cuties “Rescued” me.  Heh, heh.   The rescue went like this.   They stopped their white Jeep and opened a door and I jumped in.  Hah.  Some rescue.

And that’s when they drove around the corner and stopped and started calling you, but of course you didn’t answer because you didn’t recognize their number and you NEVER answer the phone when you don’t recognize a number so I’m sure Pretty called you by then to tell you to answer your damned phone because the next thing I knew they were talking all nicey-nice to you about finding moi and then before I even had a chance to catch my breath from the run, there was Pretty flying around the corner to meet them where they were parked and I saw right away she was not happy with The Red Man.  You know that LOOK she gets.  Uh, oh I thought.

Pretty thanked the girls and thanked the girls and went on and on about how glad she was they found me, but when we got in our car and it was just the two of us, she fussed at me and told me I was a very Bad Boy.   Oh, Pretty, Stop I said.   I can’t bear for you to be mad at me.   But Pretty was still mad.

And then guess what, Slow?   We got back to the house and Pretty went back to her disco nap and that same Auntie Robin opened the same front door again and I flew past her and headed for the Freedom Road one more time!   I couldn’t believe the Devil gotta hold of me TWICE in the same afternoon, but he did and it was like I was shot out of a cannon!  This time I heard Pretty hollering bad words at me from her bedroom and Auntie R was lickety-split after me on the street and I guess I must’ve been so tired from the first run that she caught up with me five houses down and grabbed me by my harness and dragged me home.   End of story.  LOL.   I can’t remember when I’ve had so much fun.

Life is good without you.

Hugs and kisses,

The Red Man