So things have slowed down since Pretty left yesterday.   Yeah, the old woman Slow always mopes around after Pretty leaves.   She’s a real Debbie Downer for me and the Stray Dog hasn’t quite caught on to our routine post-Pretty.   Spike may take those Monster Energy Drinks for all I know because he has a real problem meshing with the mellow we have on Worsham Street when we don’t have Pretty to energize us.   I hope someone shows up to claim this Pup.   He so gets on my last nerve.   Sigh.

Hey, all you Sports Fans in cyberspace – please tell me SOMEONE out there would love to have this dog if his owner is a No-Show.   Seriously, lesbian readers in particular, you know who you are and you know you’d love to have Spike.   You could even change his name if you don’t like Spike since he doesn’t have a clue what his name is.   Heh, heh…my little joke for the night.

Oh, well, so Slow went to see Granny Selma today and I guess Granny S who is as old as dirt was doing about the same as she does every other time Slow visits.   Dear God, it’s like the Old One visiting the Ancient One.   Hmmm…that sounds so Native American-like.   I wonder if I lived with the Cherokee Nation in a prior life?   Paw Snaps – maybe that’s how I got my name The Red Man!   I was a tribal dog roaming the ranges that had never been fenced which explains my runaway tendencies, if you catch my drift.

On a brighter note, the Baylor Bearettes who hail from up the road in Waco, Texas won the NCAA Women’s Division I National Championship tonight.  Big news for the Baylor Nation and plenty of Happy Fans to help them celebrate in Denver.  Forty straight wins, too.  No losses during the whole season.   Woohoo!   I’m impressed.

The MVP was a Baylor Bearette named Brittney Griner who is 6 ft 8 inches tall and can I say it’s a good thing she plays basketball.   She’s a humdinger for sure.

The Coach for the Bearettes scared me.   I had a sinking feeling she wasn’t going to be able to lift the trophy over her head but she made it.   Good for you, Coach.   You inspired your team all season with your Unfinished Business slogan and guess what?  It worked.  The Red Man adds his Congratulations for taking care of business.

Well, Amigos…it’s Snooze Time and I’m calling it a night.   Get me outta here, Percy…lead me to the Promised Land of milk and honey in my dreams or if I don’t make it there, just get me to a Shipley’s Donuts first thing tomorrow morning…close enough.