Oh, Brother – now this Stray Dog goes walking with me because he Jumps the Fence like Smokey Lonesome Ollie did at the Old Place in South Carolina (remember how I told you he was just like Ollie?) and the old woman Slow falls all over herself trying to make sure we don’t LOSE him, for God’s sake.   Who the hell cares if he ends up homeless on the street???   That’s where he was in the first place before he oozed into my territory in the ‘Hood on Worsham Street.   Dear God, I can’t go anywhere without him now.  Old Plantersville Road is my favorite place to walk, and now HE has to invade that space, too.   Spike the Spoiler.

So one of the Little Women of Worsham Street has the same jumping issues with her dog George and she helped solve the  dilemma without suggesting electric fences or building a compound in the front yard..   Get a load of this, or should I say Spike gets a load?   Heh, heh.  My little joke for the night.

LOL.   Paw Snaps!  I’m laughing my head off at this contraption of a back pack filled with SAND!  Now there’s a Load  for sure.   Try Jumping with that, you moron.  I’ve never understood the Jumping Thing.  I always say Be patient and wait until they leave the gate open just a little bit or open the front door too quickly and then make a run for it and run like the Hounds of the Baskervilles are after you…not nearly so difficult as fence jumping.  By the time the Peeps get the truck started to come after you, you can be a mile away.

Well, I better go check out the bed situation for the night.   I have to make sure Spike the Stray doesn’t end up sleeping with us, if you catch my drift.   He keeps inching closer and closer. Spike the Sneak.   He stayed outside for the first few nights but now he sleeps on Paw Licker Annie’s bed in our bedroom and plays with all of Smokey Lonesome Ollie’s favorite toys.  The Pup is shameless.  No boundaries, and for sure Slow won’t set them, so The Red Man will have to be firm.  Don’t mess with Texas or The Red Man, Dude.  You can’t win.

Well, that’s our Page One story for tonight, Sports Fans.   Hope your week is going smoothly and remember to be careful if you jump a fence.  The grass really isn’t always greener on the other side.  I’m just sayin’.

Get me outta here, Percy…