So rumor has it the Little Boy-Peeps from Worsham Street were visiting their grandparents in Wisconsin for the past couple of weeks.  Yeah, I heard they had to wear their winter coats when they went to the zoo in Madison which means it must’ve  been C-O-L-D as in well digger’s ass C-O-L-D.  Whatever.  But they’ve thawed out now. Yessiree.   Welcome home to Texas, boys, where the temps are already so warm I saw a snake climbing a bush in the yard next door today. I thought the old woman Slow was going into cardiac arrest when she finally figured out what it was she was seeing with her pathetic eyesight.   Geez Louise.  It’s not even May and it’s heatin’ up in the ‘Hood.

Late Sunday afternoon we had a visit from The Boys Who Came In From The Cold, and it’s always an adventure when they come by and ring the doorbell.   Their mother, one of the Little Women of Worsham Street, is very nice but she had her hands full today.  The Boy-Peeps were in high gear and taking no prisoners.  Yee Haw!

Little Boy-Peep Numero Uno which is Spanish for Number One made a mad dash for the cookie stash that Slow keeps for him when he visits.  That kid LOVES a cookie…

Hey, Buddy, can you spare a cookie for a friend in need?

Sorry, Red.  No cookies for you.   Swell.  A kid who already says No to The Red Man.   Sigh.

Dominoes were a great source of entertainment in the kitchen, although they were an also-ran to the cookie jar.  You gotta love the boys.   They’ve got spunk.

So after that party was over, it was suppertime and I tried to settle down for a sensible meal.

Shit house mouse.  First the kid gets the cookies, and now Spike lusts after my Dog Chow.   Is there nothing sacred any more?

Well, that’s it for me, Sports Fans…I’m headed for bed and dreamland.   Hope your weekend was sweet as sugar cookies and keep an eye on your food bowls this week at work.   You can’t be too careful.

Get me outta here, Percy…