So the old woman Slow gets up E-A-R-L-Y this morning and puts on her walking tennis shoes and Sleeps With Dogs red baseball cap and I get the distinct impression we’re going for a walk which is something we haven’t done much of since acquiring the Spikester Man.   Yeah, she hasn’t quite figured out our new schedule with Leapin’ Lizard Spike who can leap tall fences in a single bound – and does every chance he gets.   Dude, seriously, you’re ruining it for me.  Get a grip.   If you’re gonna stay, then STAY.

Thank God for that crate we’ve borrowed from the little Boy-Peeps’ mom.   So handy.   Give Spike a treat, and he’ll follow you anywhere, even into the crate.  Slow puts a little stuffed toy in there with him, too…awwwww….Geez Louise.   Gimme a break.  Dog Up.

So Spike gets the crate this morning, and The Red Man gets a downtown walk on a beautiful zippity-do-dah bright Texas sunshiny day.   Shine on me, sunshine, walk with me world, it’s a skippity-do-dah day…I’m the happiest Pup in the whole USA…walk, piss, walk, piss, walk, shit, walk, walk, walk…uh oh.   I see the surprise for today,   We stop at the new location of my K9 Kuts groomers in downtown Montgomery, and I have to tell you I don’t mind going this time.  Nosirree, not one bit.    I saw myself in a mirror the other day and looked like a Shaggy Dog in need of a shearing which is what I got this afternoon.

Snip, snip, buzz, buzz and Paw Snaps!   The Red Man’s Looking Good again!

Love the bandana, btw.   Nice touch.

Well, of course, I couldn’t just leisurely get in my faithful Dodge Dakota when Slow came to pick me up.   Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no.   She HAD to bring Spike with her and it was his first ride in the truck because he acts like a fool about getting in the truck so God knows how the old girl got him in the truck in the first place.   She probably had to push him or lift him into the back seat.   But, regardless, there he was.   And then there he WASN’T.  As soon as she opened the truck door to let me in, he sailed over her shoulder and was running like a bat out of hell towards the Old Montgomery Steak House.

We ran after him as fast as the old woman’s short chunky legs would take us, and luckily another old woman was walking out of Front Porch Antiques to get in her car and she saw all the commotion and started trying to help turn him around.   And then one of the lady groomers who had seen the disaster came out of the K9 Kuts shop and made a lunge for Spike and managed to grab him by the collar as he darted by.   Sweet Jesus.  I was an emotional wreck after spending a day in the House of Beauty and then all this hoopla trying to chase a dog that clearly has approach-avoidance issues.   A wreck, let me tell you.

All’s well that ends well, as I am fond of saying, and as I try to pull myself back together after I feel like I’ve been snatched through a keyhole, Spike appears to be none the worse for the wear.   Sigh.   Oh, to be a Pup again.

Well, Sports Fans, I guess that’s enough melodrama for the night.  Gosh, can tomorrow be Friday already?   Woo Hoo – the week’s over and the weekend begins…make the most of your time off because Time stops for no one.

Get me outta here, Percy…my Amigos need to Prepare to Party!