Okay.   The Red Man knows how to CHILL, and that’s the plan for the weekend sans Peep Cousins.   The old woman Slow took them home to Navasota  for the weekend late this afternoon and perhaps now I can get a little peace and quiet.   Hammering and pounding to beat the band at our casa this past week.  Thank God I had my Day of Beauty at the K-9 Cuts downtown today so I could leave that crazy nut case Spike with Slow and the Dalton Brothers.   I swear he gets on my last nerve with his barking and up periscope hackles and general Bad Ass Attitude.   Naturally when he makes a scene, moi  has to run interference and it’s like trying to shut down an erupting volcano with molten lava spewing everywhere.   Geez Louise.

Oh, what’s that sound I hear?   Heh, heh.   It’s NOTHING.   It’s the SOUNDS OF SILENCE.   I don’t hear a frigging thing, thank you very much.   Aaahhhh.

Shit house mouse.

For God’s sake, Spike’s so spooked from having those guys in the house this week he thinks they’re hiding or something and are Really Here and he’s started that horrible loud barking behavior at NOTHING.   Deliver me from stray dogs with lightweight intelligence.

As one of the Cousins said this week to the old woman Slow about Pretty, “Girls that smart are far and few between.”   Amen to that, Brother.  And you can say the same thing about smart stray dogs for which we have a prime example living in this very house on Worsham Street.   Far and few between…

Well, Amigos, it’s been a tough week but it’s over.  Friday nights are special, and The Red Man hopes yours will kickstart a Super Weekend.   Catch up with you later.   Get me outta here, Percy…