So the old woman Slow entertained herself with the National Spelling Bee semis and finals today because they were on ESPN after the French Open this morning.   Spelling Bees – ESPN?   I don’t get what spelling has to do with sports but whatever.   I’m not in charge of programming or anything else for that matter at ESPN, but I am wondering if Chess or Checkers or Dominoes or Words With Friends or Playing Cards will be on that channel in the future.   Oh, excuse me por favor which is Spanish for please.   The World Series of Poker IS already on ESPN every week.  My bad.

The Three Finalists 

Evidently the Bee Peeps started with 278 kids earlier this week and were down to 9 finalists tonight.   And then there were three.   Oh, Brother…these must be some kinda Smart Kiddie Peeps to spell words like they had to spell.   Seriously, Dude – where do they get those words?

Are these like Joke Words, for God’s sake?   Say them in a sentence, if you can.   Give us the origin.   Greek by way of Latin via early French.   Is it possible to pronounce this word in a different way?   Is it possible to pronounce this word At All?   It was a real nail-biter all right as the finalists bit the dust one by one, but at last we had a Champion this evening and to the Victor belongs the Spoils.  You rock, Snigdha!!

It’s A Family Win! 

Oh, please.   Now I get why we’re so fascinated with the Spelling Bee today.   Enthralled, enthralled, enthralled.   Looks like Slow was a Speller back in the day before the words got this hard.   Yeah, get a load of this Grimes County Champion in 1959 which was more than a half century ago.   Wow!   Once upon a time in a small town in southeast Texas there lived a little girl who could spell pretty well.   Who cares?   Certainly not moi.

Get me outta here, Percy…I’m about to get a headache from Big Words and Old Lesbians…catch you later, Sports Fans!