I’m coming to you with a message of HOPE tonight, Dudes…just when you think the bitches are takin’ over the world The Red Man’s preaching We Got It Going On in the birth rate department.      We’re Outnumbering Them, if all else fails.    Yep,  I have Concrete Proof the Dudes’ Rule will keep on keepin’ on.   Remember these Little Boy Peeps from Worsham Street??  Heh, heh.   The Little Boy Peeps from Worsham Street.  I’m a Poet and don’t know it.

Well, check it out, Sports Fans.   We’ve got Another Little Boy Peep visiting today at Casa de Canterbury right here in beautiful downtown Columbia, South Carolina.   I mean, we are EVERYWHERE.

This little guy is also very much into Remote Control Mastery and loves to push the right or wrong buttons just like the rest of us Macho Men.   We’re nothing if not Button Pushers.

Of course you have your Good News and your Bad News.   The Good News is It’s Rainin’ Men, Hallelujah – the Bad News  is some of us are behind bars.   Tsk. Tsk.   A fly in every ointment, but  let’s not quibble over details.

What we CAN quibble over is our fellow Stud Spike who it turns out is a Dog On The Edge.   Seriously, the Dog has a loose screw or two.   Somebody Stop Me – I’m on a Poetry Kick tonight.   Loose screw or two.  LOL.

First he jumps Smokey Lonesome Ollie on a regular basis whenever Ollie gets into his I’m a Bad Ass Big Bully Attitude.   So I’m all about loving me some Spikester Man and thinking how cool he is, etc.   But, then, out of nowhere he has the audacity to jump moi today for no good reason that I can think of.   Hmmm….I know it couldn’t be because I was barking my head off at Ollie.   Absolutely not.   You see what I mean, though.   The dog’s a loose cannon but fools you with his Mr. I’m A Nice Sweet Big Dog Routine.   Bite me.   Oh, that’s right.   You already did.

Testosterone flows freely at Casa de Canterbury these days.   Kinda like it did on Worsham Street when the Cousins were living with us.   Long Live Us Guys and our Heritage, right Percy?   So get me outta here, will you?  It’s Hump Night and I’m ready for a Rumble…


The Cousins at Work on Worsham 


The Spikester Man – Mr. Big Nicey