Well , Amigos, we continue to Party.   Most def.   Somebody Stop these crazy lesbians and their Open Door policy at Casa de Canterbury.   They’ve evidently issued an executive order for the Dog Dream Act and appear to be creating their own version of an illegal halfway kennel to Freedom.    Are they losing it?   We have our own version of an economic downturn going on in la familia which is Spanish for family and they add the Spikester Man and any other pups Pretty’s Most Favored Son drops off in our back yard.   Shit house mouse.   It’s a world without borders.

The only reason you don’t see SIX dogs on our king-sized bed in this photo is Paw Licker Annie is in the corner  of the bedroom licking herself to death.

You ain’t nothin’ but a Hound Dog, cryin’ all the time…  When they said you was high-classed, well that was just a lie…You tell it, Elvis.   You were the King of High Class and could spot an impostor from a mile away.

So Sadie the American Coon Hound was back to visit with her High- Class self  and she played nonstop with the Spikester while Smokey Lonesome Ollie and Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and yours truly did our best to ignore her.   We were marginally successful and tried to monopolize Pretty Pets while they played.   Play with a Coon Hound pup?   Pretty Pets?   Hmmm…no contest for The Red Man.   Spike must be new to the game and an idiot.   He’ll learn to get his priorities in order.   Nothing beats a Pretty Pet.

Ugh.   So much energy.    Oh, to be young again.   Here’s a Shout Out Question for you, Sports Fans, would you go back in time if you could to the thrilling days of yesteryear when you felt like the world was yours for the taking and you could topple even the Baddest Dog on the block?   When you were the Young and the Restless?   When your collars weren’t quite so tight?   When as soon as the front door cracked even a little bit you were lickety-splitting down the road without a destination in your head?   Let those good times roll for Sadie and Spike when they get together at Casa de Canterbury.   Sadie’s not a high-class hound dog for sure, but that bitch’s long legs are to die for.   If I were a few years younger, I’d give Spike a run for his money.   Go for it, Pups – play your little hearts out!

At any rate, it’s Saturday night and the old woman Slow has tuned in the third round of the U. S. Open Golf Championship and I’m trying not to zzzzzzz   before the Gamecock Baseball Boys play at  9 in the College World Series which, if you will recall, they have now won an unbelievable two years in a row and are trying for a three-peat.   Now, there’s some excitement for you, Sports Fans…making that trip to Omaha one more time.   I don’t want to inject a note of negativity but the odds aren’t in our favor for three in a row, but that’s why they play the game, as the saying goes.   So get me outta here, Percy…I’ve got Peeps to see and Places to go…stay tuned…