Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea and Spike Looking Bored

 Summertime, and the living is easy at Casa de Canterbury which is our version of a poor man’s Tara.   Spike and Chelsea sat with their noses pressed against the front door and pondered and pondered their plight as they watched the old woman Slow wander around the neighborhood today with her trusty camera.   Geez Louise.   That daffy old twit is even more of a nuisance now than she was when she was the Ansel Adams of cell phone photography last year.  Seriously, has it only been a year we’ve had to endure the digital cam?   Seems like AGES.   Give her an inch, and she’ll take a mile.

If Chelsea and Spike could see into the back yard of the house across the street, this is what they’d see.

Nice, huh?   These neighbors know how to do a YARD, let me tell you.   But we can’t see this back yard so…

we have to make do with the dirt in our back yard.   Sigh.  To relieve her boredom today, Tennis Ball Obsessed Chelsea has substituted a  “pullie rope” for her customary round yellow fuzzy ball to try to interest the Pack in Unsupervised Play.  At first, I wasn’t up for it – a little on the warm side for me…

But, then I had to show them how it’s done.   The Red Man always wins in the skill games.

Step Back Spikester  and Let The Red Man Show You His Moves

Smokey Lonesome Ollie Mildly Amused

Smokey Lonesome Ollie tolerated the rope pulling, but he didn’t try to play with us because it’s hard to get a grip when you have no teeth.   Heh, heh.  The old gray stallion ain’t what he used to be.

In the end, Chelsea and Spike kicked up enough dust to make a Bowl but that’s how it goes when you are low on grass and brimming over with dirt.   They had fun and Spike jumped in our water feature to cool off.   It’s his version of a swimming pool.  That’s how Stray Uneducated Country Dogs think.  Sniff, sniff.   None of the rest of us would dream of jumping into a decoration and drinking unfiltered water, but he jumps in with gusto and laps it up like there’s no tomorrow.   Ugh.   Imagine the germs.

Paw Licker Annie Prefers Indoor Inactivity

Well, Sports Fans, the Gamecock Baseball Boys of Summer won their first game of the College World Series Saturday night by beating the Florida Gators 7 to 3.   A regular barn burner.   They play again tonight to keep their dreams alive for the historical hunt of a three-peat.   Go Cocks – you gotta love a team that dreams.

Get me outta here, Percy…I need to make sure I have a spot in the bleachers in the living room…catch you later on, Amigos…