The Gamecock Baseball Boys of Summer are still in Omaha at the College World Series and the explanation is simple:  Fear the Fish.    Yessiree, the BOS keep hangin’ on by a thread because they have combined a new beta fish good luck charm with their regular old rooster mascot.   So much for your lucky rabbit’s foot, if you catch my drift.   Turns out it’s all fish and fowl and no rabbits necessary in Nebraska.

Who remembers last year?

Michael Roth, The Red Man gives you Paw Snaps for Last Year and This Year and YESTERDAY against Kent State, too!!  Sweet Jesus.  You know where the strike zone is and you’ve got SPUNK – The Red Man is a big Fan of Spunk.   And how about my Second Main Man Jordan Montgomery against the Razorbacks last night?   Are you kidding me?  The kid’s a Freshman Peep Pitcher and only had one guy get beyond second base.   You GO, Big Guy.  Keep it up and call on moi if you ever need a few pitching pointers.  Heh, heh.  My little joke for the day.

But what’s a Peep Pitcher without the Big D and a few BOS with Bats, I ask you.   The Cocks came to play one more year in the World Series and brought the total package with them again.   So, regardless of the outcome of the game against all odds tonight on ESPN with the nine little pigs, so far you just can’t lick our Cocks!!

Get me outta here Percy, I’m gettin’ ready for Friday night lights, and this time I’m not talkin’ football…GO COCKS!!