Coach Tanner Ran Out Of Magic

Well Amigos, in the end the Gamecock Boys of Summer fell to an overpowering Bat Barrage from the Arizona team which we have to face was the better team this year.   Pretty took to her bed with the vapors late this afternoon and left the old woman Slow with yours truly and the Spikester Man in the living room bleachers tonight to agonize over the outcome.

Spike Wasn’t Much Help

I Tried To Appear Interested

Michael Roth did his best against Robert Refsnyder

And my Closer Matt Price needed help from Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson tonight, but I’m not sure even she could’ve Closed the Cats’ Bats in this game.   They were smokin’ guns.

There was no joy in Mudville tonight – the Mighty Gamecocks had struck out.

Sigh.   So, as The Red Man often says, you win some and you lose some and tonight we lost.   But hey, we’ll get ’em last year, won’t we?

Get me outta here Percy – my nerves are shot and who knows if I can find a place to lay my weary head on the king-sized bed at this late hour…travel safe, Gamecock Boys of Summer and thanks for the memories…