Lake View from Lower Patio at Casa de Wildewood

Pretty Paddles Her Own Canoe at Party with Help From Amigo

So Pretty and the old woman Slow  were invited to a party at Casa de Wildewood for the Fourth of July and off they went to participate in the holiday festivities because Pretty loves to Party and she drags the old woman out of the house periodically to make sure she can still talk to somebody other than her Pack of Pups.  Evidently the Party was a huge success with lots of delicious food and the planned activities included canoeing which Pretty was excited to do since she loves any kind of a boat that moves her around on a body of water.  You go, Pretty.

While Pretty Parties, Slow takes Pictures.   Boring.   Super Boring.   Ugh.  Whatever floats your boat, as the saying goes.   And in Slow’s case, she sets sail with Captain Morgan and never leaves dry land.  Tell it, Garth.

Well, Sports Fans, we had lots of Fireworks this week and most of them took place INSIDE Casa de Canterbury.   Let’s just say all Hell broke loose on Tuesday in an unfortunate incident that The Red Man witnessed firstpaw.   What can I say?   I’m not one to kiss up to and tell but facts are facts.

Domestic Bliss? Hah. Looks Can Be Deceiving.

It’s a full moon that blows nobody good and the Gods of Testosterone reared their ugly heads this week and Smokey Lonesome Ollie and The Spikester had this horrible throw-down fight with Spike jumping Ollie and pinning him down and biting his head and there was blood all over the place and Chelsea and moi joined in and barked and barked and the old woman Slow came screaming in from outside where she had been giving Paw Licker Annie one of her medicinal baths for her staph infection and the neighbors’ doors were opening to see what in the world was going on at Casa de Canterbury and it was a frightful mess!  I thought Slow was going to have a heart attack when she tried to get us all apart and settled down.   She looked like Wonder Woman swooping down to save the day.   I swear she did.

Well at any rate, Smokey Lonesome Ollie had to go to Hottie Doc and had six stitches in his head and some pain meds for his horrible headache which we all assume he must have judging from his scars and what not.   So he is basking in all the Pretty Pets he’s getting while he recuperates and Spike is layin’ low.   I’m talkin’ he’s keeping a very low profile these days.  Yours truly is also treading lightly around the casa while I try to assess the situation.   I’m not going to take sides until I see the Winner Emerge but I’m leaning toward Spike as my new Number Two.   Sorry, Smokey Lonesome Ollie.   Enjoy your retirement years.   I’ll make sure you have a Golden Parachute and a lifetime supply of your favorite treats unless the economy tanks and then you’re on your own.

For all of you who are wondering about Annie, I am pleased to report she is doing much better and the meds are working great for her.   I should know since I went to Hottie Doc with her today and heard the good report.  Hottie Doc also gave The Red Man a thorough going over and pronounced that I am in the pink and she couldn’t believe my age.  Thank you, HD.   You made my day.

Visits to the doc, fights and the Fourth have worn me out, however, and I must say goodnight and good luck to everyone out there in cyberspace.   May all your mayhem be manageable this weekend…

Get me outta here, Percy…I’ve howled enough for one night…