Myla Rose or Charlene Riva Federer – Did My Daddy Just Win?

OMG, I Can’t Believe I Won Wimbledon For the Seventh Time!

OMG, I Can’t Believe You Won Either 

Losing Coach

Heartbroken Mom

Heartbroken Royal Hotties 

Adios, Amigos! 

And so Sports Fans, The Red Man says goodbye to Wimbledon for one more year after a thrilling fortnight of tennis legends and their extraordinary exploits.   It was the Year of the Thirty-Somethings as both singles champions were over the Magic 3-0 and supposedly past their prime.  Prime just isn’t what it used to be, is it?   If I could put Prime in a bottle…heh, heh.

No need to despair, though.   The WAIT IS OVER!   Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson will be back tomorrow night on The Closer for her final six episodes, and The Red Man will camp out in front of the tv all day tomorrow to get the best seat in the casa!

Paw Licker Annie thinks she’ll  have the primo place on her cushions

She’ll have to eat at some point, though, and then the best seat is mine for the taking.

Get me outta here, Percy…early to bed, early to rise gets The Red Man the top Floor Prize.